Our Story Begins…

with a young man named Zane Feathers fresh out of high school. Zane had a vision and knew with hard work and dedication, his vision growing a family business could become a reality. For those of you wondering, Shirley was a real lady and the basis for the company name. She and her husband Les operated a mom and pop diner in Central PA and many today still remember the donuts they became so famous for making.

Young Zane was eager to help and worked for Shirley and Les, going door to door selling baked goods the area craved. Zane’s work ethic grew steadily for years while learning about the food industry. A clever young man, Zane in addition to working at the diner, leased a small bakery and began making and selling the sweet delights as a side business. Shirley decided to retire from the diner and in 1967 Zane bought the small business where the entrepreneurial spirit unfolded.


Already famous for donuts…

in 1969 the diner introduced Raisin Filled cookies to the menu. As demand for cookies grew, Zane prepared his baked goods to wholesale establishments. “An Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” as the saying goes and in 1990 Patty Shaw, joined her Dad in establishing the new corporation known as Shirley’s Cookies, bringing her insight and fresh lively approach to the business. Patty worked alongside Zane changing the retail concept from a finished cookie to frozen/thaw product ready for in store bakeries and food service companies.

Patty’s leadership traits have mentored additional family roles as 3rd generational leaders Tyler and Garrett step up. A 4th generation of grandchildren have already begun their roles as the taste testing experts in the family bakery. 

Shirley’s Company Vision

Tradition, pride and family are the key ingredients necessary in the recipe for continued success at Shirley’s Cookie Company. Any successful business needs a well thought out plan and a recipe for success much like the famous baked goods we provide at Shirley’s Cookies.

Our ingredients for success combine a great outlook, fresh ingredients, mixed with a variety of talented employees, mold them into a team spirit, add a dash of vision, a pinch of good faith, and bake 365 days a year to cultivate our Shirley’s Cookie Company business success.

We measure success not in the quantity of product but in the quality and service we provide our clients.  It’s our flexible outlook and the eagerness to partner with our clients that has afforded us the opportunity to serve as a leader in the bakery industry.

William Z. Feathers


Patty Shaw


Bryan Shaw


Lori McManus

Administrative Assistant

Tyler Shaw

Vice President

Garrett Shaw

Vice President

Bruce Woodring Jr.

Director of Quality Assurance

Rich Weyant